4×4 Response Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Sussex 4×4 Response is a charity with over 100 volunteers who respond to emergency situations 365 days a year. The charity needed a method of communication to contact their volunteers which they would have access to at all times.


4×4 Response connected their Computer Aided Dispatch system to the Textlocal platform via the API gateway. When an emergency occurs, the response team were able to send a single email from their system which was then sent as a text message to their volunteers.

Simple two way SMS communication

Once the SMS texts were broadcast, the dispatcher monitored the SMS inbox in Messenger and selected the most suitably equipped person to reply directly to them via SMS to assign them to the emergency. The dispatcher and responder then stay in contact via SMS during the response operation.

Easy Integration

The charity was able to easily integrate Textlocal into their Computer Aided Dispatch systems and fit into their processes.


  • The response unit are now able to respond quicker to emergencies
  • After a call was put through by Hampshire Police regarding a local emergency, 4×4 Response were able to attend to the emergency within 5 minutes thanks to the rapid turnaround of their SMS communication with volunteers.