Britvic Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Britvic needed to find a simple way for their UK leisure area managers to send location based information and in return receive crucial information to increase connectivity within the field. Using excel spread sheets to store and look up information was proving to be too laborious and restrictive as the information couldn’t be accessed while on the road. Seeking an alternative, a quick online search lead Britvic to Textlocal and our post code look up tool.

When an incoming message to a Textlocal short code contains a postcode, the system can do a look of pre-loaded information and send information back based on that geographical location. In this case, Britvic clients sent the keyword BRITVIC, followed by their postcode to 60777 to instantly find out the name, email and contact number of their nearest contact.

The call-to-action appears in the Britvic ‘Pocket Guide to Soft Drinks’ which was released to a trial section of Britvic customers.


Britvic area managers no longer have to extract information manually from an Excel spread sheet

Customers are able to access accurate information within seconds of sending a text message

A rapid turnaround in getting the system up and running meant that Britvic could implement this into their current projects.


  • The trial was a success, resulting in 88% of trialled customers using the post code look up service to find out who their local sales representative is
  • Hours of time saved for sales representatives
  • Britvic now looking at other ways Textlocal products can enhance the customer service experience.
Britvic Uses Textlocal's Bulk SMS Software