Lily Blossom Florist Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


To find a way of contacting customers immediately, as not everyone reads marketing emails.


Seasonal offers

The instant nature of SMS makes it ideal for those offers that are time-sensitive. Lily Blossom took advantage of this, offering promotional offers to opted-in clients for busy days such as Mother’s Day.

Informing customers

Texts are a quick and easy way to give customers important details about your business, including news such as shop opening hours over special trading periods, e.g. the Easter weekend.


Lily Blossom included links to their website in messages, using the Messenger short links tool to shorten the url and reduce their character count. This meant that it was easy for them to check click through rates from the texts.


Customers appreciated the Mother’s Day reminder texts, and the timely reminder served to ensure that any last minute gift-buyers thought of Lily Blossom first!