Model Me Consulting Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


After many years working in the industry, Remodel Me Consulting was set up to teach others how to make a living in the beauty industry from the practical elements, to marketing and setting up a new beauty business.

Because classes are held frequently, Remodel Me Consulting needed a fast, reliable and direct way to remind clients of their appointments.


Contact numbers are stored in groups by class and date, so a text message can be manually sent from the Messenger platform the day prior to the class they are scheduled to attend. The text message contains all the information the student could possibly need; time, date, location, contact number and parking. While this has proven effective in getting people to attend their class, the direct interaction of a text message also encourages students to promptly re-arrange a class they can’t attend.


  • Missed appointments reduced significantly ensuring classes are always full
  • Frequent re-scheduling of classes if the student can’t attend, prompted by a text message