Preventx Integrated Diagnostics Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Preventx Limited is an integrated diagnostics company that specialises in making patient diagnosis in the field of sexual health easier, accessible and cost effective. Preventx works with the NHS to provide Chlamydia testing to young people in over 150 local authorities via, with over 100,000 patients requesting screening kits every year.

They use the Textlocal service to inform, remind and update patients on the progress of their screening kit and test results by text message.

Preventx also operate a short code and keyword which uses a post code look-up function, allowing patients to instantly find out if the service is available in their area.

Textlocal were chosen as the supplier of choice due to our robust and simple API integration.


Upon registering for the test, patients are given the option to choose how they would like to receive results; the majority select text message over phone call, letter or email. Patients are reminded by text to return their tests before the pending expiry date or that they are due another test in the coming weeks. Preventx saw a noticeable increase in returned tests after introducing text message reminders.

Test results are also delivered to patients by text message. As their target audience are aged between 16 and 24, text messaging allows patients to communicate via a channel they are familiar and engaged with.


Preventx developed a postcode lookup service using the API gateway allowing potential patients to requests free test kits via test message. By texting the keyword TEST followed by their AGE and POSTCODE to 60777, Preventx’s system automatically checks the patients eligibility for free local testing and replies requesting further details if a test is available. The automated nature of the service means the users receive a prompt response and prevents the need for messages to be handled manually, saving time and money.

The text messages are sent via the API, making them fully automated. This means that reminder text messages for returning or requesting kits are sent at the most effective time to each individual. Once test results are entered by Preventx’s laboratory, a text message is sent immediately to the patient to let them know.

While this ensures accuracy, time is freed up for staff at Preventx by not having to make a series of phone calls to each patient.


  • Noticeable increase in patient test kits returns
  • Increased patient engagement with favoured communication channel
  • Location based information supplied rapidly to patients